Youthsplaining: You’ve Been Texting the Term “Okay” Wrong

Youthsplaining: You’ve Been Texting the Term “Okay” Wrong

One means okay. Another means “I wish you die in a fire.”

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Sometimes the net covers our minds. Luckily for us, we’ve a university pupil on staff to simply help us navigate those times. Here is the various ways to text “okay,” youthsplained.

The methods by which we communicate via text have actually changed great deal because the days of AOL instant messenger. It is no more acceptable to tyypppeeee thiiiiiis that are liiiikeee. Or end a phrase by having a million exclamation points. And when you have a option in font, you should never choose Comic Sans, or give consideration to selecting Comic Sans … in reality, maybe just don’t even view it.

Text abbreviations also have changed, not really much in just what they’re abbreviating, however in their capability to change the tone completely of a phrase.

Providing some advice to a friend but don’t would you like become held accountable if they go on it and screw up their life much more? Slap a “but idk” at the finish of that phrase, a signal which they should just take your words of knowledge by having a grain of sodium. Telling somebody your deep, dark, intimate secrets, but damn does it seem a touch too severe? Be sure to add that “lol” or “lmao” to the end of the, because you’re casual and all of that emotional injury you’ve endured for a long time is not even that big of a deal. You’re fine, we’re all fine lol.

But interacting via text can be a dialect that’s still — relatively — with its infancy, which could result in lot of confusion and misunderstanding. In a job interview with Vox about perhaps the internet is destroying language (it’s perhaps not), linguist Gretchen McCulloch claims that generational distinctions make a difference to the methods we deliver and interpret texts. “Youthsplaining: You’ve Been Texting the Term “Okay” Wrong” の続きを読む