‘I Proceeded 15 Dates While I Was Pregnant’

‘I Proceeded 15 Dates While I Was Pregnant’

“One man had been totally perplexed by pregnancy intercourse.”

Becky McKeown, 40, is really a nursing assistant and podcaster (All Out with Madre Soltera Becky) in Mission Viejo, Ca. >

About 11 years back, we thought we had met Mr. Right. He had been fun and charming, and I also ended up being happy whenever I discovered out we was pregnant–that is, until used to do some major digging and discovered he had been also married, and had gotten another woman pregnant at the same time frame.

We knew i needed to help keep my baby, and so I tell him I became anticipating, but that i did son’t wish to be with him. He seemed fine with my choice during the time (probably because their dish was pretty full), and I also didn’t see him for months from then on.

As an individual mother, I currently knew i possibly could support myself and my 11-year-old kid, so I felt confident that i did son’t need him–or anyone–to assist me personally raise my 2nd baby. “‘I Proceeded 15 Dates While I Was Pregnant’” の続きを読む