Specialty “Psychotherapy” (residency)

Specialty “Psychotherapy” (residency)

Degree: Physician-psychotherapist

The most common admission exams are:

Upon admission, the applicant will certainly check the level of professional knowledge: he will have to answer questions on the profile discipline.


Conditions of admissionFuture professionWhere to goTerms of trainingDisciplines included in the course of studyAcquired skillsJob prospectsProfessional development prospects

Mankind is getting closer and closer to understanding that not only the physical body should be healthy in every person. Peace of mind plays no less important role in life. By the way, ancient ancestors paid attention to the state of the psyche. True, they treated mental disorders in their own way. In primitive society, it was believed that such are the result of the influence of dark forces, magic, spirits.

Currently, the specialty 08/31/22 “Psychotherapy” is based on modern developments, which suggest a humanistic approach based on the latest achievements in medicine. It is curious that in science it is not customary to clearly name which state is the norm and which is pathology. Since the scientific world is unable to describe the general criteria of “normality”: they can differ significantly in different countries, cultures and situations.

Conditions of admission

This direction was created in order to educate a qualified physician specializing in mental disorders. To enter the residency, you must definitely graduate from a university with a degree in general medicine, pediatrics. In addition, it is necessary to have a certificate that the student has already completed his residency / internship in the specialty “psychiatry”, and also a certificate of a psychiatrist will be required from him.

Upon admission, the applicant will certainly check the level of professional knowledge: he will have to answer questions on the profile discipline. What kind of subjects the applicants are taking should be clarified at the department of the chosen university.

Future profession

The doctor-psychotherapist in his professional activity starts not only from a set of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, but also from the principles of humanity. He can engage in preventive measures in order to prevent ailments. Also in his competence is the diagnosis of the patient, followed by the appointment of competent treatment. In addition, this specialist is able to provide a range of rehabilitation measures. In the process of training, he gets acquainted with legal and ethical norms, rules and requirements for the preparation of medical documentation. Since he is familiar with the principles of correct planning of the activities of the psychotherapeutic service, he is also able to occupy leadership positions.

Where to go

Today residency in psychotherapy is represented in the following universities in Moscow and Russia:

Russian nat. research honey. Pirogov University;Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University;St. Petersburg Scientific Research Psychoneurological Institute named after Serbsky;Federal State Budgetary Institution “Serbsky Federal Medical Research Center of the Ministry of Health of Russia”;Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry.

Training period

This direction involves 2 years of residency training.

Disciplines included in the course https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/ of study

A qualified psychotherapist during his studies successfully masters the following subjects:

psychotherapy;healthcare;public health;emergency medicine;emergency conditions (psychiatry);pathology.

Acquired skills

A residency graduate acquires skills for the implementation of such professional tasks:

preventive measures to prevent the disease;professional examinations;medical examination and observation in the dispensary;collection of information on public health;diagnosis of ailment / pathology based on the results of modern research methods;medical examination;provision of medical care;implementation of rehabilitation measures;activities aimed at educating the population, the formation of healthy habits and useful motivation;maintaining medical records;participation in scientific research;preparation of reports, scientific publications.

Job prospects by profession

Today this specialty is popular, since a psychotherapist is able to treat not only the psyche, but also to influence the patient’s body. We are talking about the so-called psychosomatic diseases.

An experienced professional is in demand in both the private and public sector. He can work in any clinic where there is a psychotherapy department. Alternatively, after the residency, you can do research by finding a vacancy in a research center or research institute.

Who is the graduate of the direction:


This profession is highly paid in the domestic service market. The starting minimum, which can be counted on upon completion of training, is 20 thousand rubles. However, in reality, a good doctor receives about 60 thousand, no less. You can combine work in a private and public clinic.

Professional development prospects

You can not stop there and go to graduate school. In this case, great prospects for development in the scientific direction open up. Alternatively, the graduate student chooses in the future teaching activities.


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